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 Concerta is a psychostimulant drug that is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Concerta should be used alongside other non prescription treatments, such as counseling. Concerta (methylphenidate) stimulates the central nervous system and affects chemicals in the brain that control hyperactivity and impulses.

Before people could buy Concerta online and in brick and mortar pharmacies, people used to have to take two to three methylphenidate pills per day, but in 2000 the FDA approved Concerta and everything changed for ADD and ADHD sufferers, they now had a once a day dosage for their medication.
For customers wanting to buy Concerta online, it is useful to note that it can be purchased in 27mg, 36mg, and 54mg tablets. According to a recent study, most children use either the 36mg or 54mg strength tablets.


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 Concerta has been approved for use by children who are aged 6 and over and it is particularly useful for school because just one tablet lats all day long. Ritalin, which was used before the FDA approved Concerta, is only effective for 4 to 6 hours, which of course poses additional problems for the child, parent, and school nurse. The tablet must be swallowed whole in order for the medication to be fully effective for the patient. Once swallowed the tablet releases the active ingredient slowly throughout the day. The outer shell dissolves immediately and provides an instant initial dose of methylphenidate hydrochloride. Concerta can be taken with or without food and should not be chewed, crushed up or broken in any way. Learn more about Adderall here

Concerta is typically about 70% effective at reducing the symptoms of ADD and ADHD and delivers similar results as Ritalin, Strattera and Adderall. Other measures and parenting tactics can and should be used along with taking methylphenidate in order to ensure successful treatment. A patient's diet can be supplemented with more amino acids and essential fatty acids, which can be found in milk, eggs, fish, and legumes. The school and home environment can be modified, along with stress relief and daily exercise. Concerta benefits over older medications make it a good choice for children and adults alike.

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